How to Listen to Your Signs

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Sitting at this computer late nights channeling the energy of my divine self I sometimes see a little white twinkle in the corner of my right eye or left eye or above my head. I have been told this is my guide or guides. Spirit guide, angel, or ancestors I know we all have them. What is exactly a spirit guide. Well upon birth there is a spiritual being that is assigned to you that sorta cushions life and is available to you to assist you. I also know that life is not always meant to be cushioned because we are here to learn lessons and have certain experiences. However, if you start communicating with them you will get answers and they can and will aide you. I recently got a glimps of one of my guides, not sure of his name but he was a brown skinned black tall male in an old black military uniform. Yes,your guide can be a male. But in actuality they can appear as anything race, color or nationality.

According to the ancient ways, when we use to live in tribes and villages the Oracle would know before you came here what your purpose was in the village. They would assit you in rememberance once of age. Now-adays, no village, no old oracle, just you? How in the world are you going to remember what you came here to do, and know where you are suspose to be. Well by trusting your vibes and learning to communicate with your innerself, guides, and reading the sign posts of your life. We as black women that are disconnected from our roots are thrust in the forefront to call on all our inate forces and raise to the occation. Our purpose doesn’t always deal in getting educated,making lots of money eventhough this society makes that the most important thing. Your purpose is that thing that you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it, the thing that brings you joy deep down in your soul and usually envolves helping others.We have to know again,trust again,and listen again. Our innerselves are sending us signals of what our purpose is we can not blindly live without answering our calling. You may ask..Okay I want to answer but I don’t hear it. First of all you have to turn off the TV,the computer, the cell phone, the constant chattering or the world and go within. You won’t find it outside of yourself.


Internal Signs:Well for instance, the subconscious speaks to us in symbols for example you dream last night of a spider’s web. (usually the dream has to have no relation to recently daily activities) You know this is your subconscious because there is no apparent reason to dream of a spider’s web. The next step is to remember your first thought or feeling after the dream this is a good key to what it means. May
be a situation in life: you are entangled in. It is very important to go within because a spider’s web may have different meaning to different people.

You can start a symbol journal and write what certain symbols mean to you ex: healing,fear, anger etc

External Signs are similar because your subconscious communicates to you during waking hours as well. Not to mention your spirit guides. The signs come in the split seconds that we usually don’t
pay attentin to them. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Here is a personal example. My mate and I were moving.. we were all packed up but noticed our tv/radio was missing. The first thought popped in my head was a family friend that was just there and standing in the doorway. His image came in my head immediatly. Subtle but I realized it. I trusted
my intuition and proceeded to feel for the energy of the object. I was lead to the basement in a
cabinet. Sure enough I saw the tv/radio was there. Later he confessed. He hid it in hopes of taking it later once we were gone.
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Signs come in the forms of:
Mental Images
Phrases (get stuck in you mind)
Feelings out of now where
Other people (sometime will say certain things)
Certain scenerios that keep showing themselves in your life

This is when you need to tune in and ask yourself questions like……
Who am i?
Why did I come here?
What do I really want out of life?
What do I need to overcome? (weaknesses)
What type of relationships am I attracting?
after each question sit quietly and really listen get a notebook and brainstorm whatever thoughts
start to pour fourth and trust in your process and trust that you deep inside really know.

Have you ever had that gut intuiton and later found out you were right. Tell me you stories so we can confirm that we are working intuitive beings….