Common Myths and Magick


According to
“The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural.

The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.”

This is a good working definition of Magick. In relation to Metaphysics I would say the term magick would be the verb and Metaphysics would be the noun. Metaphysics is the science that deals with the energy that is used to create magick in ones life.

When dealing in magick there are universal laws that one must keep into consideration. We see these laws come into play as commandments in the Bible, The Laws of Maat , and the Wiccan favorite law “Harm None” Not saying every single attempt to write a universal law in 100% correct but they all basically have a few things in common. What you give is what you get a basic underlying energy of karma. Karma is the think that should be kept in mind when dealing in metaphysics because this is how the universe works. In saying this words and intentions must be carfully thought out.

Magick or Myth

MYTH! Spells are something a old white lady with a croocked nose and a pointy hat does in a darken room all alone in the woods?

This is a total misconception by the Euro centric male dominated mainstream. A spell in an affirmation or visualization verbalized (usually it rhymes) to send out though and sound waves that will affect the outcome of a situation to alter your present reality.

MYTH! Potions are mixtures of dead animal parts and weird thing you never heard of like magick dust. They will transform you like Cinderella.

Potions are herbal or homeopathic mixtures, tinctures, brews, or teas used to aide on in their metaphysical intentions.

MYTH! Rituals are evil and anyone who does them are evil too.

Everyone performs rituals. They can be from your daily routines that you are used to that create a good energy in your life to weddings and funerals. In magick a ritual is a preplanned set of metaphysical actions that add several different types of energies into one. Example: position of the moon, time of day, color candles to burn, herbs to use, diety to call on, intentions, which aromas and words to chant or what type of movement or dance. Put all these things together and focus on one intention: this causes a stronger energy sent out into the universe.

With this remember the underlying rule of “ What you put out always come back”KARMA!