About Takayu

My spiritual name is, Takayu which means Earth Spirit, was given to me by my spiritual teacher and I attached Bast to it because I feel the energy of this ancient deity guiding my pen and aiding my upliftment and urging me to inspire others to express their infinite consciousness. I am a Metaphysical Priestess Reborn into this realm to aid in conscious upliftment. I am also the founder of the first metaphysical sisterhood sorority for African American Women of the Diaspora called Sacred Metaphysical Sisters. We are all endowed with great gifts however sometimes it takes one or more earthly existences to remember why we came here.The funny thing is we constantly get clues which we write off as coincidences. Just reflect for a moment on your life and just remember those things that seemed strange to you and now “right now’ just inhale and accept that it was not a coincidence. What did you miss or what are you overlooking. We silently know at the core of our beings why we chose to come here the key is listening long enough to remember. Ask your self. Why did I come here? Sure enough if you get still enough and quiet enough you will soon hear the answer. That is the purpose of this Blog. I wish to give you the opportunity to channel who you really are on a spiritual level so that you may exists at one with yourself in this realm. May your infinite consciousness be manifested for the greater good. More about me at: http://www.myspace.com/sacredmetaphysicalsisters.com http://www.youtube.com/takayubast


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