Naked Nurturer and Sexuality

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Your pain and your ablility to analyze it is a beautiful sign that you are doing what I like to call ” Dirty Work” Some people can not even identify and acknowledge the issues that stem from their inner child. I never did understand why a woman would treat her child different when they looked like or reminded them of a father they were no longer with. My mom treated my sister pretty harshly because she didn’t like her dad and also I had a friend with the same dilema. It really does leave scars.
Dealing with men….this one is very tricky I think because it is hard to talk about without either sounding “old fashion” vs “independant womanish”. I am somewhere in the middle of that. My mother was born in Liberia and came here at age 19 she did it all worked and domestic family. We debated all the time that my mom treated my brother better because he had less chore and didn’t do nothing in the kitchen. Liberian men are pretty cocky but that is a whole nother thing. She married my dad who was American black guy. He use to always say he would not get married had he not met my mom cause of they way American women were. I had a chance first hand to see the difference. 

MY Mother Family -African “Liberian” 
MY Father Family- African American 
What I learned is that alot “not all” american black women get caught up in the mind frame of being an independat black women and for get the balance of family. I do understand both mind frames because we have been beaten down so much we don’t see or want to be the “nurturer” This is a burdensome job if you haven’t found the balance to nurture yourself FIRST and the joy to realize how powerful nurturing is. I am just not realizing it is an art.. I myself am not the most affetionate woman and I am somewhat cut off from my emotionl body. Remember I am with a Pisces who is Sooo… touch with his emotional body. This goes back to where you say they feel like burdens. I know this feeling…I am in a house with four boys a mate and a male cat. LMAO couldn’t get one girl so I created a group. But I digress….the burden is their dependency on our nurturing. The women is so so so central to this whole reality. Men who act so demanding and aggressive those are their little inner boys who didn’t get properly nurtured and or disciplined and now they put those demands on you. We as up and coming goddesses have to heal our selves first of course and then for lack of an un common term “set the record straight” When we set up boundries not walls and nurture not self sacrafice then we will heal our selves and the men involved. We we attract a mate that reflect a part of us….it is like looking at a mirror they will reveal to us our most beautiful self as well as our most ugly. Being in relationship is a healing journey with pain and joy…. Men are not”Evil” they are just Grown Men with “wounded inner boys” just like alot of us are Grown Women with” wounded inner girls”.
As far as the sexual nature of it goes I think women have bisexual tendancies by nature because we give birth to both sexes and nurture both sexes. I beleive we choose a male partner to merge with as a balance of male and female energy. If you are a woman with more maculine agression this sometime causes you to seek out nurturing from another woman usually because it was not received from your mother or if the father is absent it can cause you to take on the father mentality to your mom. There are many psycological levels of the expression of sexuality.

I titled this Naked Nurturer because we must reveal our most vulnerable selves in the act of giving nurturing love and affection.



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