Goddess or Egotist?

~Wounded Goddess-hood~

Goddess,Queen,Mother Earth, Primordial Mother and many more terms like these are on the rise in the new age of the waking Goddess. However, are they really necessary? As I browse the world wide web the influx of Goddess Names is eerie and quite frightening,especially when you speak to some of the owners of the high end etherial deity like names and find a common person behind their Emerald City Gate. If we are infinite consciousness then why not just be or just do. Why is there such a need to ride on an Ego trip? It reminds me of the statement “real bad boys move in silence” Clearly if you don’t get that statement you will probably get lost in this paragraph. If someone has to constantly express themselves or represent themselves as a Goddess or Queen or other such names this implies to me either a sense of over compensation for a deflated ego, an actual inflated ego, or an unfulfilled sense of self that yearns for glory and self actualization.

Overcompensating Goddess= wounded + knowledge

We all know her, you can’t get in a word edgewise, just as soon as you say your opinion she has a better divinely inspired revelation that proves your whole existence wrong. She read the book,she took the class so of course she is now a full fledged expert according to Dr Queen Goddess Egyptian Zen Buddhist of the 5th Dynasty. She is striving to be something without filling the void in herself that needs to be healed. All the knowledge in the world would not fill that void unless healing methods are applied.

Ego Inflated Goddess= anger + knowledge

This is Dr Queen Egyptian Zen Buddhist of the 5th Dynasty. She has written the book and taught the class along with the seminar and now all you poor mortals must do is buy the book and get in her box or else you will goto the new improved Hell for the Conscious Community of Non-believers. For all the unsuspecting victims she has just recreated a form of belief to keep you trapped in her gravitational pull. This sister isn’t striving to be something she created it and based on her anger or narcissism she feels entitled to be revered by you. She doesn’t respect others she uses them for her gratification or to further her agenda.

Waking Goddess= healing + knowledge * intuition

This sister observes learns but as she acquires knowledge she does the necessary inner healing work to repair a dysfunctional ego expression. She is down to earth and in the heavens at the same time,she constantly evolves as she grows and tries to bring balance to others as she learns. She has too read the books and took the classes or even she has written the books and taught the class but there is one major difference. She is doing or has done the gestational healing necessary to gain clear vision. She doesn’t feel the need to proclaim herself-a Goddess she just is and as she exists her goddess energies overflow into the universe and others are better due to her existence. How did she get there? She instead of looking at everyone else she studied her true reflection by journaling to get to know her true essence.

What goddess complex are you balancing?
“Book of Sacred Metaphysics” Series



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