Common Road Blocks To Conscious Elevation

Reflecting on the Self
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(feel free to add some if I missed any)
1-Goddess/God Complex:Pride- getting completly wrapped up in being a goddess/god and forgetting about the other half
2-Angry Woman/ Man Syndrome:Anger- too busy angry at life and what everyone is or is not doing to see their own faults
3-Holier Than Thou Fanatic:Pride- this is the holy rolling Religious Fanatic or could be a Conscious person that is extremely fanatical and looks down on others
4-Fear of Failure :Fear- wanting to succeed but too afraid of failing so this person never tries therefore they never learn from their mistakes
5-Fear of Success:Fear- wanting to succeed but really afraid of what changes must take place to be Successful
6- Reversed Racisim,Sexism, and Classism : Hate- this is feeling so victimized that when empowered (if not empowered just criticizes) this individual then becomes the oppressor whether it be race vs race….sex vs sex….or ….rich vs poor
7- Victim Syndrome: Sadness or Depression- this individual refuses to acknowledge that they are causing their problems and continues to see the external world as the problem



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