Does Africa Really Have A Hidden Paradise?

Which side of this reality are you viewing?


Hmm Africa…Oh Africa! or Um Africa? Which ever way you say it you still end up on one of the largest continents on the face of the planet earth largely populated by a nubian race. So what comes to ones mind when the word Africa is said? ; usually poverty stricken belly swollen babies with flies swarming around them, run down housing, and sights that are not very pleasing to attract tourism. I do not want to downplay the poverty stricken areas of Africa nor minimize the pain and recovery of some areas that have experienced war,famine, and rape of a natural resource wealthy land. However, it is time that the world acknowledge the cradle of civilization for what she really is, the source of much beauty and wealth. Many African Americans and Americans in general fail to realize the true paradise that lies within her womb pulsating and waiting for you to view her. Africa provides many tourists locations such as the historical Egyptian Pyramids, warm beaches of Senegal, and fun Wildlife tours of South Africa.

When one thinks of Egypt they may think of a desert filled area with people of Middle Eastern decent in a location that doesn’t quite equal Africa. However,when looking at any map it is clear to see that Egypt is in the continent of Africa. Just ask the 10 million tourists who visited in 2007 according to Egypt is at the top of Africa’s most visited sites largely due to it’s rich Ancient Egyptian history, and we know most people would love bask in it’s royal glow if only for a moment.

Now, Imagine a golden tan beach with beautiful clear water outlining it and sprinkled about the sand you can see European people sipping drinks, playing games, and reading books while enjoying the rays of the warm sun. To the surprise of many, this is what you may see when you visit the African Country of Senegal that is one of the most popular tourists sites in Africa for Europeans seeking refuge from harsh winter weather.

Hey, Do you want to see the most exotic animals on your next family trip? Well, pack your bags and update your passports because these animals aren’t at your local zoo. You would be heading to South Africa to see vibrant Zebras, Roaring Lions and enormous Elephants. South Africa is also very popular for bird watching. So the next time you turn on the News or Read a Magazine that has flies swarming around the “poor”Africans remember the paradise that many travel miles to see hidden and pulsating within her womb.


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Africa Travel Facts on

Most Visited Country in Africa – Egypt is the most popular tourist destination in Africa. In 2007, Egypt attracted around 10 million visitors. The Pyramids have been a prime tourist attraction for the past 2000 years. South Africa came a close second with 9 million visitors in 2007 (based on figures from UNWTO).

Most Visited East African Countries – Kenya and Tanzania are the most popular East African countries for visitors. However, in 2008 Kenya’s tourist numbers declined drastically due to political instability. Both countries tend to attract visitors interested in combing a safari with some beach time.

Most Visited Country in Southern Africa – South Africa is by far the most popular country in the region. Visitors are attracted to its cities, beaches, wildlife parks as well as niche tourism like bird watching and medical tourism. Mozambique is the fastest emerging tourist destination in the region.

Most Visited Countries in West Africa – The Gambia and Senegal attract the most tourists in this region of Africa (which along with Central Africa draws the least amount of tourists on the continent). Both The Gambia and Senegal are popular beach destinations for Europeans fleeing the cold winter weather.

Most Visited Countries in North Africa – Egypt is the most popular tourist destination in North Africa, but Morocco has seen the largest growth in its tourism industry (14% in 2007 according to the UNTWO). Tunisia is also extremely popular, particularly with Europeans. 


Naked Nurturer and Sexuality

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Your pain and your ablility to analyze it is a beautiful sign that you are doing what I like to call ” Dirty Work” Some people can not even identify and acknowledge the issues that stem from their inner child. I never did understand why a woman would treat her child different when they looked like or reminded them of a father they were no longer with. My mom treated my sister pretty harshly because she didn’t like her dad and also I had a friend with the same dilema. It really does leave scars.
Dealing with men….this one is very tricky I think because it is hard to talk about without either sounding “old fashion” vs “independant womanish”. I am somewhere in the middle of that. My mother was born in Liberia and came here at age 19 she did it all worked and domestic family. We debated all the time that my mom treated my brother better because he had less chore and didn’t do nothing in the kitchen. Liberian men are pretty cocky but that is a whole nother thing. She married my dad who was American black guy. He use to always say he would not get married had he not met my mom cause of they way American women were. I had a chance first hand to see the difference. 

MY Mother Family -African “Liberian” 
MY Father Family- African American 
What I learned is that alot “not all” american black women get caught up in the mind frame of being an independat black women and for get the balance of family. I do understand both mind frames because we have been beaten down so much we don’t see or want to be the “nurturer” This is a burdensome job if you haven’t found the balance to nurture yourself FIRST and the joy to realize how powerful nurturing is. I am just not realizing it is an art.. I myself am not the most affetionate woman and I am somewhat cut off from my emotionl body. Remember I am with a Pisces who is Sooo… touch with his emotional body. This goes back to where you say they feel like burdens. I know this feeling…I am in a house with four boys a mate and a male cat. LMAO couldn’t get one girl so I created a group. But I digress….the burden is their dependency on our nurturing. The women is so so so central to this whole reality. Men who act so demanding and aggressive those are their little inner boys who didn’t get properly nurtured and or disciplined and now they put those demands on you. We as up and coming goddesses have to heal our selves first of course and then for lack of an un common term “set the record straight” When we set up boundries not walls and nurture not self sacrafice then we will heal our selves and the men involved. We we attract a mate that reflect a part of us….it is like looking at a mirror they will reveal to us our most beautiful self as well as our most ugly. Being in relationship is a healing journey with pain and joy…. Men are not”Evil” they are just Grown Men with “wounded inner boys” just like alot of us are Grown Women with” wounded inner girls”.
As far as the sexual nature of it goes I think women have bisexual tendancies by nature because we give birth to both sexes and nurture both sexes. I beleive we choose a male partner to merge with as a balance of male and female energy. If you are a woman with more maculine agression this sometime causes you to seek out nurturing from another woman usually because it was not received from your mother or if the father is absent it can cause you to take on the father mentality to your mom. There are many psycological levels of the expression of sexuality.

I titled this Naked Nurturer because we must reveal our most vulnerable selves in the act of giving nurturing love and affection.


Goddess or Egotist?

~Wounded Goddess-hood~

Goddess,Queen,Mother Earth, Primordial Mother and many more terms like these are on the rise in the new age of the waking Goddess. However, are they really necessary? As I browse the world wide web the influx of Goddess Names is eerie and quite frightening,especially when you speak to some of the owners of the high end etherial deity like names and find a common person behind their Emerald City Gate. If we are infinite consciousness then why not just be or just do. Why is there such a need to ride on an Ego trip? It reminds me of the statement “real bad boys move in silence” Clearly if you don’t get that statement you will probably get lost in this paragraph. If someone has to constantly express themselves or represent themselves as a Goddess or Queen or other such names this implies to me either a sense of over compensation for a deflated ego, an actual inflated ego, or an unfulfilled sense of self that yearns for glory and self actualization.

Overcompensating Goddess= wounded + knowledge

We all know her, you can’t get in a word edgewise, just as soon as you say your opinion she has a better divinely inspired revelation that proves your whole existence wrong. She read the book,she took the class so of course she is now a full fledged expert according to Dr Queen Goddess Egyptian Zen Buddhist of the 5th Dynasty. She is striving to be something without filling the void in herself that needs to be healed. All the knowledge in the world would not fill that void unless healing methods are applied.

Ego Inflated Goddess= anger + knowledge

This is Dr Queen Egyptian Zen Buddhist of the 5th Dynasty. She has written the book and taught the class along with the seminar and now all you poor mortals must do is buy the book and get in her box or else you will goto the new improved Hell for the Conscious Community of Non-believers. For all the unsuspecting victims she has just recreated a form of belief to keep you trapped in her gravitational pull. This sister isn’t striving to be something she created it and based on her anger or narcissism she feels entitled to be revered by you. She doesn’t respect others she uses them for her gratification or to further her agenda.

Waking Goddess= healing + knowledge * intuition

This sister observes learns but as she acquires knowledge she does the necessary inner healing work to repair a dysfunctional ego expression. She is down to earth and in the heavens at the same time,she constantly evolves as she grows and tries to bring balance to others as she learns. She has too read the books and took the classes or even she has written the books and taught the class but there is one major difference. She is doing or has done the gestational healing necessary to gain clear vision. She doesn’t feel the need to proclaim herself-a Goddess she just is and as she exists her goddess energies overflow into the universe and others are better due to her existence. How did she get there? She instead of looking at everyone else she studied her true reflection by journaling to get to know her true essence.

What goddess complex are you balancing?
“Book of Sacred Metaphysics” Series

How to Listen to Your Signs

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Sitting at this computer late nights channeling the energy of my divine self I sometimes see a little white twinkle in the corner of my right eye or left eye or above my head. I have been told this is my guide or guides. Spirit guide, angel, or ancestors I know we all have them. What is exactly a spirit guide. Well upon birth there is a spiritual being that is assigned to you that sorta cushions life and is available to you to assist you. I also know that life is not always meant to be cushioned because we are here to learn lessons and have certain experiences. However, if you start communicating with them you will get answers and they can and will aide you. I recently got a glimps of one of my guides, not sure of his name but he was a brown skinned black tall male in an old black military uniform. Yes,your guide can be a male. But in actuality they can appear as anything race, color or nationality.

According to the ancient ways, when we use to live in tribes and villages the Oracle would know before you came here what your purpose was in the village. They would assit you in rememberance once of age. Now-adays, no village, no old oracle, just you? How in the world are you going to remember what you came here to do, and know where you are suspose to be. Well by trusting your vibes and learning to communicate with your innerself, guides, and reading the sign posts of your life. We as black women that are disconnected from our roots are thrust in the forefront to call on all our inate forces and raise to the occation. Our purpose doesn’t always deal in getting educated,making lots of money eventhough this society makes that the most important thing. Your purpose is that thing that you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it, the thing that brings you joy deep down in your soul and usually envolves helping others.We have to know again,trust again,and listen again. Our innerselves are sending us signals of what our purpose is we can not blindly live without answering our calling. You may ask..Okay I want to answer but I don’t hear it. First of all you have to turn off the TV,the computer, the cell phone, the constant chattering or the world and go within. You won’t find it outside of yourself.


Internal Signs:Well for instance, the subconscious speaks to us in symbols for example you dream last night of a spider’s web. (usually the dream has to have no relation to recently daily activities) You know this is your subconscious because there is no apparent reason to dream of a spider’s web. The next step is to remember your first thought or feeling after the dream this is a good key to what it means. May
be a situation in life: you are entangled in. It is very important to go within because a spider’s web may have different meaning to different people.

You can start a symbol journal and write what certain symbols mean to you ex: healing,fear, anger etc

External Signs are similar because your subconscious communicates to you during waking hours as well. Not to mention your spirit guides. The signs come in the split seconds that we usually don’t
pay attentin to them. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Here is a personal example. My mate and I were moving.. we were all packed up but noticed our tv/radio was missing. The first thought popped in my head was a family friend that was just there and standing in the doorway. His image came in my head immediatly. Subtle but I realized it. I trusted
my intuition and proceeded to feel for the energy of the object. I was lead to the basement in a
cabinet. Sure enough I saw the tv/radio was there. Later he confessed. He hid it in hopes of taking it later once we were gone.
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Signs come in the forms of:
Mental Images
Phrases (get stuck in you mind)
Feelings out of now where
Other people (sometime will say certain things)
Certain scenerios that keep showing themselves in your life

This is when you need to tune in and ask yourself questions like……
Who am i?
Why did I come here?
What do I really want out of life?
What do I need to overcome? (weaknesses)
What type of relationships am I attracting?
after each question sit quietly and really listen get a notebook and brainstorm whatever thoughts
start to pour fourth and trust in your process and trust that you deep inside really know.

Have you ever had that gut intuiton and later found out you were right. Tell me you stories so we can confirm that we are working intuitive beings….


Common Road Blocks To Conscious Elevation

Reflecting on the Self
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(feel free to add some if I missed any)
1-Goddess/God Complex:Pride- getting completly wrapped up in being a goddess/god and forgetting about the other half
2-Angry Woman/ Man Syndrome:Anger- too busy angry at life and what everyone is or is not doing to see their own faults
3-Holier Than Thou Fanatic:Pride- this is the holy rolling Religious Fanatic or could be a Conscious person that is extremely fanatical and looks down on others
4-Fear of Failure :Fear- wanting to succeed but too afraid of failing so this person never tries therefore they never learn from their mistakes
5-Fear of Success:Fear- wanting to succeed but really afraid of what changes must take place to be Successful
6- Reversed Racisim,Sexism, and Classism : Hate- this is feeling so victimized that when empowered (if not empowered just criticizes) this individual then becomes the oppressor whether it be race vs race….sex vs sex….or ….rich vs poor
7- Victim Syndrome: Sadness or Depression- this individual refuses to acknowledge that they are causing their problems and continues to see the external world as the problem