Common Myths and Magick


According to
“The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural.

The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.”

This is a good working definition of Magick. In relation to Metaphysics I would say the term magick would be the verb and Metaphysics would be the noun. Metaphysics is the science that deals with the energy that is used to create magick in ones life.

When dealing in magick there are universal laws that one must keep into consideration. We see these laws come into play as commandments in the Bible, The Laws of Maat , and the Wiccan favorite law “Harm None” Not saying every single attempt to write a universal law in 100% correct but they all basically have a few things in common. What you give is what you get a basic underlying energy of karma. Karma is the think that should be kept in mind when dealing in metaphysics because this is how the universe works. In saying this words and intentions must be carfully thought out.

Magick or Myth

MYTH! Spells are something a old white lady with a croocked nose and a pointy hat does in a darken room all alone in the woods?

This is a total misconception by the Euro centric male dominated mainstream. A spell in an affirmation or visualization verbalized (usually it rhymes) to send out though and sound waves that will affect the outcome of a situation to alter your present reality.

MYTH! Potions are mixtures of dead animal parts and weird thing you never heard of like magick dust. They will transform you like Cinderella.

Potions are herbal or homeopathic mixtures, tinctures, brews, or teas used to aide on in their metaphysical intentions.

MYTH! Rituals are evil and anyone who does them are evil too.

Everyone performs rituals. They can be from your daily routines that you are used to that create a good energy in your life to weddings and funerals. In magick a ritual is a preplanned set of metaphysical actions that add several different types of energies into one. Example: position of the moon, time of day, color candles to burn, herbs to use, diety to call on, intentions, which aromas and words to chant or what type of movement or dance. Put all these things together and focus on one intention: this causes a stronger energy sent out into the universe.

With this remember the underlying rule of “ What you put out always come back”KARMA!


Are African Traditional Religions in Opposition to New Age Metaphysics?

I am a decendant of Post Ancient Egyptian Empires as well as Pre Slavery Religions being raised in a Eurocentric culture that hasen’t quite found a comfortable dwelling for me. So what do I do? Where do I turn and how do I balance all of this chaos of ancient cultures and modern times? I do what anyone would do who is drowning in a cultural sea of chaos. Grab the first things that feels sturdy and helps me to keep my head above water. I found that in metaphysics(elemental wicca) and african religions,some,would say that is a parodox. One can not be religious and metaphysical at the same time…Well I have to disagree. Religion is a organized system of beliefs practiced by a certian groups,cultures or regions. You could decide today that you are going to worship a “Rock” and gain 1000 followers and thus you have formulated a Religion. So I am saying this to point out that ALL Religions utilize metaphysics simply by believing that somthing beyond them can help,heal or direct them to their goals,dreams or greater spiritual awareness. Metaphysics is broken down into Meta=Beyond and Physics=Physical..basically beyond the physical realm. You may say well a Rock is a physical object it is not beyond the physical realm. Yes that is true but the belief in it is something you can’t see as well as the perceived results that it can create for you what you are really creating for yourself via Metaphysical Principals and Universal Laws.

I am more intune with Ancient Egyptian Culture by way of Bastet and Tehuti but I do feel a little Yoruba in my blood via Oshun Energy as well. I by no means am an expert on All African Religions but I was solicited once to get initiated into Vodou. I felt a strong urge to learn more but I was led in another direction by a sister that pointed this out to me. Why would I entrust my complete spiritual self to a stranger who could be out for his own personal gain and utilize me as an energy vampire would. After this detour my next direction was to work with ancient dieties of West Africa and Egypt but by creating and promoting New Modern Concepts that are more practical in today’s society.The Ancient ways have beautiful traditions but the only thing that remains constant is change. I feel that time is “NOW” For example learn what you can but always listen first and foremost to your inner self. I don’t feel that positive dieties want you to worship them or give animal sacrafice. This to me would be a strong sign of Egotism. Why would beings that are strong and powerful need you to kill in order for them to help you? Doesn’t make sense to me. I feel that when you call on certain energies and spirits of ancient dieties you should be trying to align yourself with attributes that you may need in this realm such as: Water Energy and learning to flow (Tefnut); Beauty and SelfLove (Oshun); Warrior Energy and War (Sekhmet) and so on….

The other thing you could do is ask them to teach you what they have mastered and in reverence you offer them gifts particularly the gifts that please them the most. The same as you would a physical being that you have encountered that has taught you their mastery.I don’t agree with worshiping beings and dieties but more of a reverence and appreciation for the energy that you may feel toward them and the energy that they have bestowed upon you.

It is apparent that New Age Metaphysics disputes many religious belief systems,however, there are still many bridges that connect them. The bridges that connect them are the fact that beleif is a term that is used in Religion and in Metaphysics.


Belief–verb (used without object)


to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. according to

If you create something in your minds eye and visualize it long enough you will manifest it.How does one know that? By visualizing it and accepting that it is already true before you have physical evidence.If you don’t believe in your visualization you will not manifest it or ritual,spell etc. The same with religious belief if you accept a thought in your minds eye and put your faith in it then you will manifest that thought. If you have a whole group of people focusing on the same thought the greater the manifestation. This is the Univeral Law of Attraction.(there are other laws see

In conclusion, you are ultimately the god or goddess that you seek. We are born to create as well as procreate. We do this consciouly,subconscioulsy as well as unconsciously. The only difference is the creation is usually flawed when you don’t do it consciously and deliberately. The fact that many of us in the african diaspora are attracted to Ancient African Religions means that we are tapping into our ancestoral DNA. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have a choice and the ability to see the flaws. These traditions were created by your ancestors so does this not make you a creator as well. So what are you creating for us today? What new thinking or way of practicing metaphysics are you channeling? What contributions are you making to the collective consciousness?