Is initiation Necessary in Metaphysics?

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The year is now 2011 a planetary shift is under way as new beings and new thinking are being birthed. There are more and more people practicing a form of new age Metaphysics such as Wiccan, Light Workers,Yoruba etc. So with that said traditionally anew comer would gravitate to a particular way and then undergo some form of initiation or rites of passage.

But is it all necessary in this New Paradigm when more and more beings are being born with a present state of knowing and higher senses?

Are there a select few that holds a sacred key to tuning you in to your higher self?

Does a certain amount of years actually equal wisdom?

I myself have seen wisdom come out of the mouth of babes. Does this way of thinking actually cripple the youth in there divine rite?

We are living in a world of Chaos,War,Disease, Mayhem and more. But some how this is attributed to the newer generation.”If only they would listen…If only they would follow their elders the world would be a better place”However Generation X and the later inherited a enormous amount of traditional demons,defects,discords,diseases,disdain and disfunction. When they forge their own way their energy is sought after to be harnessed and controlled and if they do not cooperate with it they are labeled as rebellious and spoiled. But then again no one said the transition to a New Age would be a smooth transition…

You be the judge.  Is it Necessary to be Initiated into a Tradition or a Practice



Intro to Sacred Metaphysics

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Sacred Metaphysics is a new age terminology for a way of living in the New Age. It is a self defined way for those who wish to think out the box or who wish to create their own boxes. It is for the unorthodox thinker that questions the parameters of thought and reality. It is Sacred because it is your own. What is Sacred for you may not be Sacred for me. Metaphysics: because you are challenged to go beyond this reality that you have been given to create and be the architect of new realities.You are The New Paradigm